Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trader Joe's Food

Trader Joe's - a paleo/primal friendly supermarket

Whenever I read other nutrition blogs or websites, I'm always wondering "Ok, that's great that you know the science behind nutrition, but what food do YOU buy?" I've done posts like this in the past (see below links), but here's one from Trader Joe's. Hit up the comments for questions or...comments!

Per request, an itemized list (approx. price next to it since I threw out the receipt. If I do something like this again, I'll be sure to include the receipt!)
2 dozen cage free eggs ($3/doz)
4 avocados ($3.50)
Seedless cucumber ($1.50)
Eggplant ($2?)
3 Zucchini ($2)
2 Squash ($2)
Almond Meal ($7)
Carrots ($3)
Roast Beef ($3.50)
Turkey breast ($3.50)
Banana slices ($2)
5 Pink Lady apples ($0.50/ea)
3 pounds grass fed ground beef ($5/ea)
1.5 lbs. free range beef stew chunks ($8)
mango chicken sausage ($4?)
2 dried mango slices ($3/ea)
slivered almonds ($2)
3 gluten free beef jerky ($5/ea)
plums ($5?)
1.5lbs strawberries ($7)

More links:
Produce Junction, What's Your Function? - this chain of stores offer great prices on fresh produce. Another chain that just opened up is Bottom Dollar which I now frequent. Bottom Dollar does not pre-package food in certain quantities as Produce Junction does.  If you have access to a farmer's market, that's an even better choice!
How to Read Past Fancy Labels - Get past the marketing and find out what is real food
On the Road with Chris P. - going on a business trip or just need something quick to eat? 
Save Money - Buy More Meat! - go in with a group of people to buy a cow (members of CrossFit KoP recently did this)
The Chris P. Chronicles - pictures of my refrigerator and cabinets of food. This is from over a year ago and it's interesting to see the evolution of our food. For instance, we no longer have dairy (cream, cheese, milk, etc) because of unfavorable reactions such as acne, rashes, upset stomach, etc.


  1. I love Trader Joe's. We do about 90% of our shopping there. The other 10% is at Whole Foods, but we're fortunate to have both about a mile from the house.

    Also, just wanted to let you know that you're featured on the CF Del Val site for the 2/16/11 post.

  2. Hey Chris,

    Great video! Thank you for sharing. Is this about one week's worth of food for you two?

  3. Chris,

    By chance can you post an itemized list of your haul from trader joes?

  4. Larry, great location to have both of those available to you. WF can have some items not always available at TJ's.

    Tim, we don't shop for a complete week, but yes, this will cover us for about a week if you consider we have some other food to add in. I will typically go to Bottom Dollar once a week for produce. I went to TJ's this time to get both produce and meat. Bottom Dollar meat is suspect, but their produce is unbeatable in terms of price.

  5. Victor, just edited it with a list and approx. prices.

  6. Great Chris!
    I'll be heading over to Trader Joes in Ardmore in the next few days.
    Thanks for the list!
    Btw. my email handle is misleading. It's Manuel Guzman, from moriarty.

  7. I do like the Trader, and I shopped there this week. However, I have found their produce selection to be either overpriced or lackluster, particularly as far as the seasons are concerned. The items rarely seem to change, and I've got some really mushy apples this week.

    However, the "specialized" packaged items you can find at the Teej (as I call it) are often unique and very well priced- I get all my dried fruits there, among other things.

    Also, here in DC TJ's carries a pretty solid and reasonably priced selection of fine beers and wines :)

  8. haha, nice Manuel

    James, I agree about the produce, definitely lacking for a store of it's caliber and clientele. I'm jealous of the beer and wine choices, PA needs to get with the times! I might adopt the teej, just sayin'....


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