Thursday, February 10, 2011

You've Got a Fat Face

brothers? no, Fat Face (2003) and Leaned Out (2010) versions of me

Chances are that you have (or had) a fat face. Not in a mean way, but if you are eating a standard american diet (SAD), then it's very likely you have some inflammation going on and one of the ways it rears its ugly head is, well, on YOUR head. It's not something you probably are aware of. To you, you have a normal face. But take out the sugar, grains, and dairy from your diet and add in fish oil and you'll notice a magical thing happen. Your fat face gets lean. So does the rest of your body. Look at me above. In 2003, I wasn't fat, I was actually about the same weight as now (150#), but it looks like I just got stung by a thousand bees. Luckily, I found the antidote.

soft sophomore in college to trying to be like Caleb

Humans have way too much omega 6 fatty acid going on. Some is good, a lot is not. It is too much omega 6 that contributes to inflammation which leads to not only looking puffy on the outside, but also on the inside. Ever hear of "silent inflammation?" Now you have. Silent inflammation is the stuff that can lead to everything from cancer to cardiovascular disease to Alzheimer's. In order to prevent these, we want to keep those omega 3s high and omega 6s low, just like our ancestors. We also want to increase our insulin sensitivity. Not sure where to start? First, clean out your kitchen. Then, get back to the basics when it comes to food, sleep, and other habits. Add in some fish oil. Get some real exercise. Then look back and laugh at how bloated your face looks. I guarantee you'll never go back to old habits once you see the difference. 

Have you already cleaned up your nutrition and gotten away from a fat face? Or inflamed body? Send before/after pictures to and I'll post them up


  1. The funny thing is that I can't notice a difference in the mirror, but when I look at pictures of myself, I'm like shit, I look like a crackhead or something. I just want to see my abs and I'll be a happy man. It's like those elusive last two push ups in the deadlifts and pushup wod. ;)

  2. Wow pictures speak a thousand words! People actually comment on my face all the lean it is. It's amazing how much cleaning up your diet makes a difference in your body in so many ways!!

  3. great, great post, PLentus. i've only known you as you appear now, so this was fascinating to see.

  4. Ha, we've been saying that for years. You're the same weight now as you were when you're born, you're just filling out into the right places.


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