Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Updated: Inov8's CrossFit Shoe: Bare-XF 210

Inov8 released information and pictures for their future CrossFit specific shoe: the Bare-XF 210. Featuring a 3mm, zero differential sole (the height difference between heel and toe is 0, vs. many typical shoes in the 10+ mm range), and a specially reinforced upper that will handle the beatings from rope climbs, this is theoretically the perfect CrossFit shoe. Ready for the unknown and unknowable. However, the release date is supposedly March of 2012.  (update: Now available Dec 2011!) My question is: why so late? I feel that other companies (e.g. Reebok) will beat them to the punch and even if they don't, there is just too much time for being excited about these shoes and pulling the trigger to have them in hand (or on foot). While I do think they will sell, by next year there will probably be several competing brands all with similar, or even better, features. 

What do you think of the Inov8 Bare-XF 210's? Would you buy these or stick with your current Inov8s, Vibrams, Frees, etc?
Are there other features in a shoe that you would look for to aid you in CF WODs?

UPDATE 12/23/11: After seeing so many hits on this particular post, it looks like plenty of folks are researching the Bare-XF 210's. Here is Inov-8's link to the shoe, the link to Rogue's product page so you can buy them, and a video from Inov-8 showcasing the XF 210's. 

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