Monday, November 1, 2010

Food for Thought

Food for thought: the human body is resilient. It WANTS to survive and thrive. If you are someone who has experimented with the "starvation" diet (i.e. reducing calories in order to lose weight) you probably know that this method is not sustainable. Why not? Because if you don't nourish the body, it will intentionally store fat. It doesn't KNOW that you are intentionally starving it, it really thinks you're starving! So it's going to store fat.

If you are looking to "lose weight" aka lose excess body fat, make sure you are:
1. eating to satiety (protein and fat will help you feel full longer)
2. losing the grains and dairy (inflammatory to your system, plus grains get broken down as sugar quickly and stored as fat),
3. eating ample FAT (as your body gets away from the grains, it will look to metabolize fat for fuel. Please realize that eating fat will NOT make you fat. You need fat for your brain to function properly, for cell membrane structure, etc. )
4. weight training/sprinting (NOT long slow distance. Running on the treadmill for 45 minutes induces a cortisol response and causes your body to store fat. Keep things short and sweet). 

Anyone have failed or successful training programs or weight management programs? Does losing weight = healthy???
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