Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Produce Junction, What's Your Function?

Eating paleo/primal is not necessarily cheap when it comes to grass-fed meat, but you can probably find some SUPER deals on veggies/fruits. Instead of going to Genuardi's and paying $81.47, I just got back from Produce Junction in Glenside, PA and paid $25.25. Yes, $25.25 for:

8 large Red Delicious apples
6 lbs. sweet potatoes
5 lbs. bananas
10 avocados
1 lb. peeled garlic
2 lbs. red peppers
2 lbs. green peppers
2 large eggplant
1 head of cabbage
1 lb. spring mix salad
2 lbs. mushrooms

Other items available: eggs, coconuts ($1 each), pineapples, fresh blueberries, squash, chard, and basically any kind of vegetable or fruit you can think of

Just to show you how good a deal this place is, I looked up prices on Genuardi's website for the same items. With the exception of garlic, I was able to find the exact product and the price (the garlic I found was not peeled):

apples ($1 each) = $8
sweet potatoes ($3.18/lb) = $19.08
bananas ($0.35 each) = $5.95
avocados ($1.50 each) = $15
garlic ($3.49/lb) = $3.49
red peppers ($1.25 each) = $5
green peppers ($1.00 each) = $8
eggplants ($1.61 each) = $3.22
cabbage ($1.49/lb) = $2.24
spring mix ($3.49/lb) = $3.49
mushrooms ($4.00/lb) = $8

TOTAL = $81.47
Produce Junction = $25.25
Savings = $56.22 or 69%

Now how's THAT for a coupon? Produce Junction saves you money by making you pay in cash, having pre-packaged amounts (notice most of my purchases are in plastic bags...they were already sorted and packaged), and having very efficient workers behind the counter. The places are bare; there is usually a fruit counter, a vegetable counter, and maybe some flowers near the entrance. You won't find a website, but you can Google Map locations near you. Because most of the produce is pre-packaged, you might end up with less-than-ideal quality products, but it's worth going for one or two damaged peppers. Or even better, if you have a farm near you, get there!

Produce Junction locations near King of Prussia, PA:
31 Oak Avenue, Folcroft, PA
265 South Easton Road, Glenside, PA
126 Bridge Street, Mont Clare, PA
49 South York Road, Hatboro, PA
2241 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

Click link below the map to go to Google Maps for "Produce Junction" (beware people in Norristown. Google has a location named "Primo Produce Junction" but this is not associated with the ones I am talking about)

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  1. Great post Chris, I agree with you about the quality and the value - you just can't beat it. We get the HUGE bag of baby spinach for $4 and it lasts at least a full 7 days in the fridge. Right now I think the fruit isn't so great, but when its in season, you can't beat their prices

  2. i dont like produce junction,because they treat the worker like shit,,,produce junction pay the worker low pay,but want the worker to do alot...pay more money stop bein greed...................


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