Thursday, January 20, 2011

Survey Says...Q+A part I

Believe it or not, people actually read this blog. People like Bear Grylls. (I don't actually have any proof of this, but I'd like to think he does) Some of these fine folks actually write in requests for topics or have questions that they submit in the top right corner form. Whenever I get these in, I first think, "Don't they have anything else better to do?" After I figure out that they don't, I then think of these elaborate posts where I dive into the minute (my-noot, not min-ut) details to answer their questions. Then it's two weeks later and I haven't written anything. So I'm going to just pretend like I'm in the Hot Seat and fire off answers. So heeeere we go.

Q: I know I want to be healthy and fit but why do I always go for the ice cream and cookies?
A: Your body is literally sensing sugar and all derivatives of it as a drug. Opiate sensors in your brain treat sugar like crack. Yes, coming off a sugar-laden diet will be tough and not unlike going through withdrawal, but doing so will keep you from unpleasant things such as Diabetes, cancer, and other nasty maladies. For those that have the CrossFit Journal, Nicole Carroll wrote a classic piece titled "Getting Off the Crack."

Q: Eggs. Good part of a healthy diet? Is there a limit to how many you should eat?
A: Indeed, eggs are a great, cheap source of protein. No limit, just make sure you eat the whole egg. (exceptions are people with autoimmune diseases where eggs will irritate them) The more you cook it, the more nutrients you lose. Ideally, you are cooking over low temps in coconut oil, making over easy eggs.  If you are even thinking about asking me about cholesterol and eggs and heart attacks, read this post first. If you want to know the most efficient way to boil eggs and have them for the whole week of work, hit up this link. 

Q: What's the deal with calories?
A: Oh boy, you just had to go there. This I'm actually going to save for one of those mythical longer posts, but essentially they don't matter nearly as much as you think. Calorie counting has not, is not, and will not work for people looking to lose weight in a sustainable manner. If you want a thorough, yet readable explanation why, hit up Gary Taubes' new book, "Why We Get Fat."  Or just wait for that post from me.

Q: What supplements do you take?
A: Daily, I take fish oil and Vitamin D. I forget to take magnesium consistently, but would recommend it. If I am going through a really tough workout, I might have some BCAAs (branch chain amino acids), but don't take them consistently. For the nitty gritty details and my take on fish oil, Vit D, and magnesium, hit up this link. 

Q: What makes the earth go round?
A: Love. And steak. be continued (as long as you keep asking questions)


  1. My question hasn't been answered yet...sad.

  2. there's a list of questions that I still have to get to, sorry Anonymous!

  3. Wait are you saying people can read!? I like the rapid fire posting style - hmm maybe thats something I can work on too!

  4. I was expecting question 1 to be answered was had to do with why being on West campus was the best or something to that effect :)

  5. Sara, I was WONDERING who wrote that...hilarious

  6. Love your matter affect, intellegent and balanced minded always! looking forward to reading and SHARING the post on calories.

  7. Stephanie VincentFriday, January 21, 2011

    Matter of fact!


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