Thursday, June 21, 2012

Liver: Better Cold?

A short post, as tomorrow Ditty and I head up to my old stomping grounds to compete in the CrossFit ACT Games in Saddle Brook, NJ on Saturday. Considered a "minor" event in the Garage Games scoring system, it should be a good way to get that competitive fire back from Regionals without going crazy. One of my resolutions was to do more competitions, so this is the first in awhile that isn't related to the Open or Regionals. I'll be sure to update you once the dust has settled. 

Back to the topic at hand. You may have read my Liver post...if not, be sure you do after this. Anyway, people, including myself, are always coming up with more palatable ways to get down the superfood and tonight I found a way that will probably work for me from now on. I included a recipe in the old post for pate, or even not blending everything together and eating the liver like steak. This is similar, but instead of eating it hot, I ate it COLD.

artery-clogging, heart-attack-causing, delicious bacon grease
I did this tonight because something was cooking in the microwave and I was too impatient. So I ate the liver cold with solid bacon grease slathered on like butter. I'll tell you was GOOD! The grease had a more substantial taste, so everything tasted more like bacon than liver. So if you're looking for the simplest way to cook liver, do this: cook your bacon first and leave the grease in the pan. Once cooked, take the bacon out and put the liver in (sliced). Let it cook until just about firm and then take out. Put everything, including the grease, in a container and put it in the fridge overnight (or a few hours). Then, enjoy whenever you want. 

And if at any point you thought "but isn't that bacon grease going to clog your arteries?" then you need to watch this. 


  1. Tried liver a couple of months ago - sliced it into strips and fried it in a pan with bacon, but only a strip or two of bacon so not enough grease to counter the liver taste. I forced it down but it wasn't fun. I'll have to try this.


  2. Mark, I recommend at LEAST 1 piece of bacon for every slice of liver (mine are about 1"x4"x0.25" and each package has about 6 of them)

  3. I bought the liver at the Upper Merion Farmer's Market. I forget the vendor (they're the two young women who have the table directly across from the organizer's table I believe). Grass-fed and it was cheap, maybe $3 or $4 for a pound? Rest of my family won't touch the stuff so I cooked it all up at once and tried to force as much of down as I could. : ) I probably ate 2/3rds of it. Will definitely load up on the bacon next time, and not try to eat so much.

    For what it's worth....I was hoping the liver would help me avoid lifting less weight and being slower than everyone else at the box when it came to times. It hasn't - I'm still weaker and slower : )


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