Friday, March 30, 2012

Updates: Regional Team and Iceland

CrossFit King of Prussia snuck into Regionals, tied for 29th and just making it into the top 30 teams to head to the Mid-Atlantic Regionals. I just found out that I made the team! I'm normally a pretty calm person, but this is really exciting to be part of something important to me a.k.a. representing the great community of CF KoP. This is our team's third time going to Regionals (first year they went to the Games!), but my first time on the team. Our owner, Aimee Lyons, is no longer on the fence and will be competing as an individual, so that will also be awesome to watch. Mid-Atlantic regionals will be held May 4-6th. Details can be found on the Games page. 

Also, to the three people who read this blog: I'll be in Iceland next week with Ditty, hopefully WODding with Iceland Annie and taking in all of the waterfalls, geysirs, and scenery, so if you don't see any postings, this is why! I'll put up some pics when I get back. Apparently it's a photographer's dream location with awesome lighting and crazy scenery. Forecast says it will be 60% rain almost every day, but we will make the best of it!

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