Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Gabe of CF KoP

John Welbourne of CrossFit Football and Talk to Me Johnnie posted this blog Q+A. It's mostly describing CF Football, but at the end, there is a piece about consistency. If you were lazy and didn't click the link, here's the key quote:

"The only thing left to do is show up and do the work. But here in lays the problem. The reason 99.9% of people do not make gains or reach their goals is consistency.
Everyone can do it for a few days or even weeks, but can you be consistent for months? What about years? Consistency in your training means never missing a day. Consistency with your diet means making sure you eat your calories everyday.
Not the…”I didn’t eat for 2 days so I am going to gorge myself on the third to make up for it.”
If you follow the program as it is written with great consistency, eat with great consistency and rest you will be farther closer to your dream of playing college football than ever thought possible."

If you aren't making gains like you want, one big question you should ask is "How consistent have I been in my training?" My Open performance has been good, but could it have been better? Probably. Why? Because I haven't been consistent with training. No excuses, just the reality. This is a great reminder that those who put in hard CONSISTENT work will see the benefits, not just those who put in a lot of work SOME of the time. Gabe, pictured above, consistently practiced his double unders with the intent of getting on our 100+ double under board. Every day for weeks he practiced and practiced. Straight double unders, flight simulator, du's in workouts....Last week he finally reached 100. Hard consistent work paid off.

What will YOU do to be more consistent? 

What Malcolm Gladwell Has to do with Olympic Lifting


  1. this is truth, and it's a good reminder. i certainly am a great example of what happens when you lose consistency! kudos to gabe for getting on that board, btw.

  2. Way to get on that board Gabe! I know you worked hard to get there.


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