Monday, April 16, 2012

"You Lift Like a Girl" from California Strength - Debunking the Myth about Women and Lifting Heavy

First, sorry for the lack of postings. Getting back from Iceland, I had a ton of work at work to prepare for (imagine that) and my computer has been on the fritz, so I've been frantically backing everything up. (for the computer saavy, yes I have been backing up to both an external and web albums, but just not as recently)

The topic of lifting heavy for women is also a touchy one because novices think it's going to lead to "big muscles" and "butch" looks. I talked about this in "Skinny-Fat, Cortisol, and Why Cardio Doesn't Work," but if you still have friends that don't believe you, show them this video first and then ask them what they think. Some of these girls are still in college and lifting more than a lot of guys out there. Plus you'd think they're on their way to the next frat party if you saw them in the street, not olympic weightlifters. No, lifting heavy weights does not make you bulky. It makes you STRONG.

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