Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CrossFit Gear: Flexible Athletic Tape - The Game Changer

Let's keep this short and to the point, shall we? If you are CrossFitting, olympic lifting, or anything else that can cause calluses on your hands, you need athletic tape. And not just the regular tape you find at Sports Authority; you need FLEXIBLE athletic tape. It will protect those little digits of yours while also being comfortable and most importantly, wait for it....flexible. This is especially important for areas like the thumbs which need to flex in that painful, yet oh so crucial hook grip. When I switched from regular tape to the flexible variety, it was a whole new world. For serious.

the goods. Porous yet sticks to itself
Don't know where to find flexible athletic tape? I already did the work for you, so click the link below to head to my Amazon store. This particular brand is tried and tested by yours truly and I will end up ordering more of the same once I'm done with my 6 rolls.

The game changer in action before some squat cleans
-Do you use tape? 
-How do you tape up?


  1. Donkey, good to go for pull ups. I also think the regular tape is acceptable since that's what I used to use all the time, but if you get this flexible tape and it's all you have, it will definitely do the job, just maybe not as durable since it is porous and won't necessarily have multiple layers for a pull up taping like you would with wrapping the thumbs. I usually go around the thumbs twice. Good question.

  2. thanks...i was hoping it was a good option. i'm about over it with tearing my hands.

  3. Chris, I have yet to start taping my thumbs for Oly-lifting purposes but this seems like a good option. I'm going to start doing more snatch complexes and I think it will be essential for that. I've found that the thumbs really take a beating when lowering the weight more than anything. When I do tape my hands for those WODs that you just know are going to rip you up (lots of pull-ups, t2b, kb swings), I usually make the doubled-up tape straps that fit over your finger and then get secured at the wrist. They work wonders.



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