Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What's Your Namesake WOD?

Again Faster has been challenging people to compete in an online workout series called, "Beat the Team." Every ten day period since October, Again Faster has been posting a WOD that plays to the strengths of various Again Faster-sponsored athlete. For instance, "Lipson" had a moderate weight backsquat and kettlebell swing, but the bar had to be cleaned from the ground, a light weight for Dave Lipson. "Spencer" was max weight of 20 reps of overhead squats, clearly up Spencer Hendel's wheelhouse of oly lifting. And so on...

So, my question is this: If you had to have a namesake WOD like these firebreathers, what would yours be? It could either include things that are your strengths, or it just be movements that you love doing.

If I had to create a "Plentus" WOD, I'd play to my strength-to-bodyweight ratio and quickness. So it would be something like:

double unders
then, within 60 seconds, find a max deadlift. 

Subtract your time in seconds from your deadlift (e.g. 400lbs. deadlift - 360 seconds = 40) The highest number wins. 

-What would your namesake WOD be?

2009 Festivus deadlift...it's amazing what Santa shorts can do for you!


  1. "Ditty"
    In Teams of 4 Complete
    400 cleans at 95/65#
    20 Cargo net climbs
    400 OHS at 95/65#

    1. Team: I like working together and helping each other out
    2. Cleans: I have super fast elbows (or so I am told)
    3. Cargo: I am afraid of heights, but I am still pretty good at the cargo net. Conquering fears!
    4. OHS: An area I have really improved in!

    3, 2, 1...GO!

  2. "The Donkey"...my favorite WOD ever was the "9 lifts in 15 minutes" that we programmed earlier this year.

    If forced to create one, "The Donkey"

    AMRAP in 20:

    250m row
    20 Deadlifts 185/135
    20 HPC 95/65

    rowing, deadlifts, HPC. mmmn mnnn good. no running. no jumping. no wall climbing. just good old fashioned destroy your grip strength go hard and go home.


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