Monday, May 3, 2010

A Double Down Dilemma

Let's take a poll. If you were hungry and someone offered you KFC's Double Down sandwich, you would say:
a.) "No thanks, I don't feel like having a heart attack right now."
b.) "Sure, but I need a bun too."
c.) "Chicken and bacon? Heck yes I'll take it!"

If you read this blog, chances are you'll pick C. Does that go against everything the general public believes? Heck yeah. Let's take a closer look at what this phenomenom actually is. 

KFC Double Down
KFC advertises their latest sandwich as two chicken patties with cheese, bacon, and "special sauce" in between the two patties. You can get the chicken breaded and fried or grilled. Pictured above is grilled. KFC also sells the Double Down only as a meal, meaning you have to get fries and a drink with it.

My Experience
Driving to the gym one day, I wasn't even that hungry, but the talk of the infamous "Double Down" had gotten to me, so I pulled into the KFC almost instinctually. I can't remember the last time I'd had KFC, but there I was, waiting in line with about 12 other folks. I'm not kidding you when EVERY single person in line was talking about the "Double Down." It was like we were waiting in line for a celebrity book signing. I couldn't believe it. I guess I was "cool" by KFC standards. Of course, right before I ordered the grilled version, the two guys behind me were discussing who in the world would get the grilled. Luckily I decided to be THAT guy. Because they sell it as a meal, I had to order fries and I got a water with it. 

When I got to the gym, I unwrapped my little treasure. Just like any other fast food sandwich, it didn't look nearly like anything in the commercials, but it WAS delicious. The chicken patties were big (about 4-5 oz. each by my estimates), and the bacon scrumptious. The cheese and sauce just added to the flavor. I didn't eat the fries and I only stopped eating to take sips of water.  All in all, I think it went down in about 18 seconds. After I posted this fact on facebook, I got an array of comments, including the following:

"It's not nearly as ridiculous a sandwich when you order it grilled Chris. Grilled, it just looks like one of the ususal protein loaded meals that you usually post on here, and not the fried monstrosity that it was inteded[sic] to be."
 "That looks delicious!!! Seriously how can u go wrong - chicken, bacon and cheese!!! ;)"
"they might as well give you a gun and say "go kill yourself" because thats what this is going to do."

Things I Like About the Double Down
1. It's easy - besides the wait time because so many people had ordered it, being able to order this at a fast food place is great. 
2. No bun - the chicken IS the bun! If you're avoiding grains, you don't have to take the bun off your sandwich anymore.  (obviously you need to order the grilled version)
3. Protein - like I said, the chicken patties were big for a fast food place, so this is a great source of real animal protein. yum.
4. Tasty - between the bacon, cheese, and sauce, it was darn tasty. 

Things I Didn't Like About the Double Down
1. Cheese and Sauce - If you're going Paleo (no dairy) then you'll have to scrape this off or not order it. The sauce also is made from vegetable oil, probably soy or canola oil, and that's not good.
2. Quality - while a big source of protein, the quality is from a fast food chain, so you know those chickens were pumped full of hormones and nasty stuff. 
3. Messy - just a touch too messy with the sauce on the chicken patties. If you have no reason to have clean hands though, go for it!

The Double Down is popular right now because it's a novelty. People talk about getting the Double Down like they do about taking shots of grain alcohol. "Hey man I just had the Double Down!" "Dude, you're so bad*ss!!" and so on. Others avoid it because they think it's going to "clog arteries." Let's refer to my cholesterol numbers to see if eating meat raises your cholesterol. (it doesn't) In the end, my position is that if you're not doing strict paleo (no dairy), the grilled Double Down is a pretty good option compared to others out there. I am NOT endorsing this sandwich to have at every meal, or even every other day. It's not the best quality meat, but when you're in a pinch and need something to grab quick while on the road, getting a Double Down is a decent choice because it doesn't tempt you with a bun. It's also an option for those of you just starting to change your diet and for whatever reason just can't get off the fast food. As a side note, could there be a perfect Double Down? Sure, it would probably be 2 pieces of pastured chicken, bacon, and maybe some avocado and real spices thrown in there.

-what places or foods do you try to hit up on the go? 
-Do you find it hard to eat clean on the road? 
-What about you folks who travel for work?


  1. Great post Chris.
    I was heading to the shore with my friend and wanted to grab something at WaWa to eat for the day. I was pretty surprised that I was able to find enough stuff to hold me over. I ended up getting
    2 Hard boiled eggs
    Bag of Beef Jerky
    Trail mix (without peanuts)

  2. I'll take your version of the double down, extra avocado, to go please.

    My fast food faves...

    chipotle- order the salade (minus rice & beans) add guac, salsa, peppers and onions and your choice of meat. i skip the dressing all together the salsa and guac does the trick. They claim their meat is "natuarally raised" Chipotle rocks!

    Pizza joints- get a steak,chicken steak or roast pork without the roll...add spinach or Broccoli rabe (my fav!)

    Whole foods- all ingredients listed in the hot foods bar, there is a lot that isn't paleo but there are options. the new store in Plymouth Meeting has a huge hot food section.

    I like eating out...and do prob once a week. Its challanging at times but it is possible.

  3. Ditto that Chipotle rocks. I do the same thing, order a salad with avocado and skip the rice and beans.

    In College Station we have some pretty good barbecue places. I'll do sliced beef, no sauce, green beans and cole slaw, and skip the bread.

  4. If I were to answer your poll,I would go for


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