Sunday, March 7, 2010

Healthful Eating Tip #942

It's Taco Night, but you've read the Grain Manifesto and you are refraining from hard shells and tortillas. What do you do?

Ditty's professional taco wrapping

Use lettuce! Not only for tacos, but use lettuce instead of bread for sandwiches and burgers. If you're out on the west coast, you know In-N-Out Burgers has this as an option on their menu called "Protein Style." To my fellow CF KoP'ers, head over to Jimmy John's and order any of their sandwichs as an "un-wich" and they'll wrap it in lettuce for you.

Who said you had to give up all the foods you loved to eat for health and performance?? Maybe you have to modify them, but it's well worth it!

For fun, head over to Norcal Strength and Conditioning to see an In-N-Out burger bite contest. (Protein style of course). Or, if you want to see "Fran" done with a burger eating contest built in, head over here. (buns included unfortunately, but still cool)

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